about us

Increasing Your Asset Utilisation

WeatheRate Overview

  • We specialise in the rating of overhead transmission and distribution lines for the
    electricity distribution sector.
  • Our services enable our clients to defer capital and increase operational flexibility using
    existing network infrastructure.
  • We manufacture telemetry equipment which is designed to interface with our online
    systems and rating calculation software. As a result, we provide a complete product that
    can be installed near critical assets with minimal complication or stress.
  • Our products can be easily relocated to new locations following network reconfiguration
    or augmentation.
  • WeatheRate is proudly Australian owned and operated.
  • Our team are passionate in what they do… Contact us today to see how we can help you.

Our Mission

To provide cost effective services to the electricity sector which enables
the deferral of capital expenditure through the provision of stress free solutions for
probabilistic planning and network operations

Our Vision

We improve corporate balance sheets through the deferral of capital
expenditure while also enabling engineers to increase asset utilisation without adversely
affecting the security of network loads.